Domaine De la Guicharderie

Located in Auffargis, 40km out of Paris and 25km from the Palace of Versailles, Domaine de la Guicharderie is surrounded by the Rambouillet Forest and the Upper Chevreuse Valley Regional Nature Park.

Domaine de la Guicharderie is home to Tendercapital Stables, a modern stable with high-standing services, where our team prepares for competitions and we breed tomorrow’s champions.

Our horses and their babies, who were born here, enjoy a peaceful and healthy living environment, surrounded by centuries-old woods and pleasant countryside. At the Domaine, the young champions are followed with care and attention to their specific characteristics. A heritage they also carry with them in the suffix that is given to them at birth: DLG (de la Guicharderie”).

Domaine de la Guicharderie is currently under renovation to improve its facilities and accommodation. The modernization works are designed to create a better environment for horses and riders, while fully respecting the surrounding nature and landscape.